What I’ve read recently

Considering a typical weekday for me starts at 5.30am and ends about 11pm, I feel very proud that I still found the time to read books and watch numerous TV shows.

I’ll start with my most Favourite one of the three; The hypnotist’s love story by Liane Moriarty

This is the second book of hers I’ve read and it’s safe to say she has a fan over here. She has won a place in my heart. This book is about a hypnotist (obviously), Ellen O’Farrell. She met a new guy, Patrick and they fell in love. How simple and straight to the point, right? Things are not so simple. Patrick has a stalker, Saskia. A dead wife that nobody could compete with and an 8 year old son, Jack. The book is basically about their relationship and the things they had to overcome to be happy.
I was happy they fell in love in the beginning of the book so I knew it would be a bigger story. Although the story is about Ellen, Saskia’s story is narrated in first person. Perhaps this is why I felt like I could relate more with Saskia than Ellen. Poor Saskia though, I felt so bad for her. Before this book, I had never before thought about what could be going in a stalker’s mind. This book gave me a new perspective on that. Although it was a romantic book, it was also a bit of a thriller. It was written in a very light and funny way. I’m looking forward to the next Liane Moriarty book I’ll read.

The second book is: The book of tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern


Tamara Goodwin’s life is changed forever after her father commits suicide after getting in a huge debt. With no other choice, they moved into a tiny suburb with her Aunt and Uncle. With not much to do, Tamara met a young man who drove around a mobile library where she came across a book with lock on it. Eventually she got it open and in the book, written in her handwriting were details of a future date (tomorrow).  After the next day unfolds as it was written in the book, she realised what would happen in her immediate future. Tamara realises she may have found an answer to the mysteries surrounding her life and family. 

I really wasn’t gripped from the beginning; I had to remind myself that I had a book I was currently reading. It honestly didn’t excite me that much at first. As the book got on, it got better, I got the familiar happiness I get with Cecilia Ahern books. I eventually really liked it. That’s 9 out of her books I’ve read. 3 more to go!

How exciting would it be if I could find a book that would show what my tomorrow will look like? For me I’m sure there’ll be no great difference because I honestly do the same things every day and even eat the same lunch!

The third book is One plus one by Jojo Moyes

This book was such a joy to read. It made me so happy. This was my first time reading any of her books and I know I’m about to start hunting for other books of hers. I was honestly hooked from the first page. 

This book is about an unexpected group of people bound together by an impromptu trip. Such a recipe for disaster right? I did not expect them to be so good together. Jess is a single mother with two kids. Her step son is a gothic teenager who is frequently bullied and her daughter Tanzie is a maths prodigy. Tanzie is offered a scholarship to a private school but they still can’t afford it so they decided to take a road trip to attend a mathematics competition so they could use the tuition for Tanzie’s tuition. They are joined on this trip by Norman, the huge smelly and slobbering dog and Ed Nichols. Ed is Jess’s boss in a way (she’s his house cleaner) and his whose life seems to be falling apart.
This book was so well written that I felt like I was on this trip with them. I thought it was fantastic how every chapter was written from all their point of views. I loved everyone of the characters but if I must be honest, Nicky pulled my heart strings more. This book was funny, real, thoughtful and sweet. When I have kids, I want to be like Jess. Really. She’s awesome.  Everything about this book made me so happy. Their conversations were so funny and witty. The characters were certainly not perfect but their shortcomings made me love them more.  

This book is what made me start this blog. Ed encouraged Nicky to start a blog to find his “tribe”. Somewhere where he can fit in. I thought that was really cool.